Inside an important Home every guest can be followed by a Butler, an efficient personal assistant and “home director” for the guest and the home owner. The Butler is a precious event planner; he/she can make reservations to the best restaurants, book tickets to galleries and shows, he/ she will be there for the very busy people who have little time to take care of themselves. The butler will help you with your exclusive shopping and finding unique presents. The Butler will gift each guest or home owner of his/her time and unique expertise with discreet, serious and never invasive assistance. It is again the Butler who will book an helicopter to reach the best harbors for a sailing getaway, or a luxurious car to escape to enchanted locations. Every Butler is remarkably professional in the care he/she takes for the guests in the complete privacy of their home.

The butler, man or woman, it is not a substitute for the domestic service of cleaning, he/she oversees all the figures inside a house, so he/she must know how to do everything, but being the manager, the organizer, the house manager is not the one who also does the cleaning. We denote this as the first thing on this site, because even the figure of the butler is confused with that of domestic workers, unparalleled in his service, but it is not the same person.