The Italian Butler’s Association is a no profit organisation that aims to promote and enhance the image of professional butlers. A role well requested and demanded at a high level in the hospitality sector as well as in private dwellings, such as boat, holidays, events and as a free lance.

The organisation provides information and consultancy services for its members resolving disputes and encouraging contact as well as offering training courses. The association also concerns itself with the qualifications of new butlers at a high level in the hospitality sector as well as in private dwellings.

Whoever wishes may become a member of this association which has the scope of revaluating the figure of the butler in Italy, a valued professional in the rest of the world. These personnel are always in demand not only in private houses of distinction but also on boats or in luxury hotels, and as a free lance.

The butler today’s surf on the internet and moves with his/her smartphone, and the work is similar to that of the orchestra’s Director, who knows every instrument and is always looking for that perfect harmony

In 2014 we will promote several training and courses:

The ideal student is male or female, aged between 20 and 60 years old , has a good knowledge of Italian and possibly of English, has a diploma and a strong desire to learn, is also provided an internship. We have received in these 5 years as many requests of occupation and collaboration in various shapes such as the butler of the house and property , for private events or special occasions , “says Elisa from Bosco , President of the Italian Association Butlers  “the butler is a professional increasingly in demand in private homes, event for a wedding, an holiday, in a ship or in the luxurious hotels. Imagine today the figure of the butler as the director of an orchestra, seeking that harmony that he/she just knows how to direct and give the appropriate times to more voices and instruments “.

to participate send your profile to cv@maggiordomi.it